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TOC sterilizer
Working Principle
  The device adpots a special high strength non ozone ultraviolet sterilizing lamp and an inner wall after the special treatment of micro carbon smelly martensitic stainless steel barrel, outer side of the barrel body with a special polishing treatment the pretreated water flowing in the tube when subjected to ultraviolet 185nm enough line volume of irradiation, has good sterilizing effect, but also effectively reduces the influence of ultra pure water

TOC ultraviolet disinfection utilizes UV characteristic to kill bacteria in water, virus, yeast, fungus and algae, without adding any chemicals heating or cooling, which can achieve the effect of sterilizing, so widely used in the electronics industry ultrapure water system for sterilizing the water use, is also applicable to the pharmaceutical, beverage, chemical cosmetics, industrial raw materials ,such as water, purified drinking water, mineral water, clean water system for water sterilization, for organizations, senior hotels, public places ,such as the water supply system, is the ideal health and epidemic prevention disinfection equipment.
Product Characteristic
Reasonable structure, handsome in appearance, fine material, obvious effect, easy to use, durable.
Effects of using
⊙ After ultraviolet disinfection system treated water, its various viral, bacterial removal rate is above 99%.
⊙ On drinking water terminal with ultraviolet disinfection, can be reached directly drinking water standard.
⊙ The urban sewage disinfection, the amount of the bacteria to 200 / 100mL, 20 / 100ml following Escherichia coli.