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Active carbon water filter

Working principle

  The activated carbon filter is the use of granular activated carbon to further remove the mechanical filter the water, residual chlorine, organic matter, suspended solids and impurities, providing good conditions for the subsequent reverse osmosis treatment.
Activated carbon filter with high carbon content, molecular weight, physical adsorption of impurities in the water than the surface area of activated carbon organic floc, to achieve water quality requirements, when the flow through the pores of activated carbon, a variety of suspended particles, organic matter, such as van der Waals forces the role of adsorption on activated carbon pores; chlorine (hypo chlorous acid) adsorbed on the surface of activated carbon in the carbon surface chemical reaction, is reduced to chloride ions, thus effectively in addition to chlorine, to ensure that the effluent chlorine residual is less than 0.1ppm, to meet the operating conditions of the RO membrane. Increased gradually with the passage of time the pores of activated carbon and particulate interception material, filter differential pressure be increased until failure. Is usually the case, according to the filters before and after the differential pressure, the use of reverse flow backwash filter, most of the adsorption on activated carbon pores interception material stripped and taken away by the water, restore the absorption features; the adsorption capacity of activated carbon saturated thoroughly failure to deal with the activated carbon regeneration or replacement of activated carbon to meet the engineering requirements.
When the activated carbon filter and affect their normal work due to the retention of excessive mechanical impurities, backwash cleaning. Use of reverse water filter, sand filter layer loose, enable peel adhesion to the rejection of the filter surface and recoil flow away, to the exclusion filter layer of sediment, suspended solids, etc., and to prevent the filter material compaction, so that the full restoration of the pollutant, dechlorination ability to achieve the goal of cleaning. Backwash pressure drop parameter is set to control the backwash cycle, usually three to four days, the specific subject on the raw water turbidity.
   Activated carbon filter with the shipment of stainless steel operating manifolds, filters, washing, backwash, stop the processes are manual control.
When activated carbon filters run to the pressure difference of 0.05 ~ 0.07MPa, the need for backwashing. The activated carbon replacement period of six months to a year

Structure feature

  Body of the device is to bring elliptical head cylindrical steel filter material Q235-A or 304 stainless steel, vulcanized rubber lined anti-corrosion, water distribution within the inlet has, the lower part of a catchment device, catchment deviceson filled the 1200mm activated carbon and 200mm quartz sand. Equipment body external device has a variety of control valves and flow meters, pressure gauges.
  Activated carbon filter filled activated carbon a Nutshell charcoal, light weight, porosity, wear resistance, and adsorption capacity. Filled up as follows:
Activated carbon:    0.6-1.2mm  1100mm
   Quartz sand:        0.6-1.2mm   100mm
   Quartz sand :       1.2-2.0mm   100mm