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10T/H Mechanical Multi Media Industrial Sand Filter For Water Treatment
This product is applied to the filtered water turbidity is generally less than 5 mg / l to meet the industrial and mining enterprises and towns of the industrial water or water of life of the drinking water quality standards for water treatment equipment . Suspended solids in industrial wastewater solids removal .
Bonding colloid particles, the water contains suspended solids condensed flakes can not be removed by the precipitation method can be loaded filter layer of the water through a pressure filter , so that the water of transparency .
This product is divided into two kinds of water to choose :
Note the shortening of the operation cycle reduction in filtration rate , single-layer media filter is applied to water turbidity often about 100 mg / l , the end of the coagulation and sedimentation of raw water (for example, often use the raw water turbidity higher ) , such a filter in the use of feed should be in front of Note adding coagulant .
Dual-media filter water turbidity is generally below 15 mg / l , the maximum is not greater than 20 mg / l of precipitation water .
Main technical conditions and instructions
Working pressure : 5kgf/cm2
Inlet water temperature : 20℃
Speed ​​: 10m / h
Turbidity : water < 20mg / L , water < 5mg / L,
¢ 2400 to be equipped with compressed air, to help red recoil .
Mechanical filter, removing iron and manganese removal filters , according to user requirements with a multi-channel valve .