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Walnut shell water filter


  Walnut shell filter is a walnut shell filter media, specially treated walnut shell, due to the large surface area, strong adsorption capacity, high removal rate. Hydrophilic lipophilic nature, in the backwash, stirring to make walnut shell mutual friction in the movement, and thus the desorption ability, making the regeneration ability, chemical stability, long-term stability conducive to the performance of the filter. The device uses a deep bed filtration can greatly improve the sewage interception capacity. Patented technology attempts to prevent the maze instead of the ordinary with water sieve to avoid clogging of the filter during operation with the time put into operation to increase or changes in water quality occurs. With strong adsorption, sewage volume; anti-oil-immersed, oil, double effect of suspended solids removal; easy regeneration, backwash dosing; series or parallel characteristics.

Application of scope(Mainly in oily wastewater treatment)

●Land and offshore oilfield, petrochemical, metallurgical, oil sewage treatment
● Ports, terminals, oil depots oily wastewater handling
● Ships, and other oily wastewater treatment
Application of area
1.For iron and steel, metallurgical industry, coal industry wastewater and oily wastewater recycling system re-use filtering processing;
2、Applicable to the large amount of water oil field injection water fine filter, offshore oil platform produced water and heavy oil thermal recovery boiler recycled water treatment
3. Filter processing and depth of the circulating cooling water for power plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants.
Working principle
The filter is the successful development of the use of filtration and separation principle of separation equipment, oil filter - special walnut shell filter media, walnut shell large surface area, strong adsorption interception in a large quantity of features, removal of oiland suspended solids. The device has both automatic and manual control mode. When filtering, the water flow from top to bottom, water distribution, the layer of filter material, water catchment, the filtering is done. Backwash, blender flip filter, flow bottom-up, the filter to get a thorough cleaning and regeneration.