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Shallow sand filter


Shallow filter is an innovative, sand thickness is only 40mm, smoothing the flow following the spherical shell and a unique internal design can ensure that the filter, filter effects; formed within the turbulent backwash, backwash efficiency, short time, backwash consumption the water is about 30% of the traditional sand filter. Changed the traditional sand filters, no valve filter backwash waste water and backwash characteristics of incomplete, cumbersome, and the rookie of the media filter industry.


1、Shallow filter filtration system uses a modular design, based on flow, covering different combinations. The system can be used time, pressure and a variety of ways to automatically start the backwash, automatic operation. Within the filter unit followed by backwashing, the backwash without interrupting the water.

2、Automatic control of the filtration system is modular in design, depending on the size of the flow, to select more than one filter unit.

3、Can be used time, pressure, and a variety of ways to start automatically backwash system, each filter unit followed by backwashing the other unit is still in the filter.

4、Recoil, high efficiency, short recoil time, the backwash water (backwash water consumption rate is less than 1%).

5、The system covers an area of ​​small, flexible design of the arrangement of the filter unit can be based on actual land use.

6、The system is light weight, does not require a special base, common cement floor.

7、Plastic system, good corrosion resistance.

8、ASM filter has better resistance to bacterial contamination of capacity, backwash better.

9、Shallow filter filtration system, light weight, does not require an ad hoc basis, generally concrete floor can be a small footprint system, according to the actual situation of flexible layout, easy to install.


Shallow filter filtration system can be applied to a variety of water treatment industry, such as water supply filtering, cooling circulating water filter and bypass filter, sewage treatment and reuse, etc., is an alternative to traditional sand filter, valveless preferred.