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Dia3200mm Automatic Gravity Sand Filter

Sand Filters & Multi Media Filters
The pressure sand filter that we manufacture are exclusively designed for removing the suspended solids up to minimum level. Made from high grade mild steel/FRP closed vessel incorporating frontal piping fitted with valves, these pressure sand filters are also known as multi grade filter. These pressure sand filters are also function under pressure as water is passed through the filters from different grade of filter media and the unwanted impurities are blocked at the filter bed. Back flushing arrangement has been made with these filters that easily flush out the deposited dirt and clean the filter bed.


Pressure sand filter is used for the removal of suspended solids & turbidity. The pressure sand filter is extremely robust method of removing suspended solids from water. The filtration medium comprises of multiple layers of sand having different sizes. As per the needs of our customers, we can offer sand filters in various sizes and material apart from hand operated or fully automatically operated.