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Water tank sterilizer
Working principle
Automatic water treatment using high - precision automatic filter, UV sterilization, causing the death of microorganisms, achieve the effect of sterilization and algae. Continuing loop processing, water tanks, pools of water achiving disinfection and purification thoroughly.on new pipe wall ,it will generate oxide flm from reactive oxygen species,microbial corrosion deposition of corrosion would been inhibited. Installing YL series water treatment machine of domestic water system can effectively guarantee the safety of users’ living water and healthy. Control parts adopted advanced MCU control technology of intelligent automatic operation,No wearing parts, no removing algae by chemical sterilization, no special management as usual, equipment with rain-proof and freezing-proof treatment, can be installed outdoors, indoors could get remote monitoring.
Slight changes in physical chemistry of water molecules will take place in low-voltage electric field and a small amount of oxide substance contained in the processor effluent ,so it can Last 48 hours antibacterial effectively.

●Automatic cleaning, biocides faster, and have a broad spectrum, killing  all kinds of micro – organisms
●Preventing the use of chlorine, ozone and other methods of disinfection of the side effects
●Not only for water disinfection, and on the inner wall of water tanks, water tank and pipes are well disinfection efficacy
●With persistent disinfection effect,
●Non - toxic, harmless, no secondary pollution and easy to install and use,