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Jiangsu YLD Water Processing Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Zip Code:214445
Service Hotline:400-114-5658
Free Customer Hotline:800-828-7226
Add: NO.3388,Zhencheng Road,Jiangyin,Jiangsu,China

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Job Position: Water treatment engineer
Employ Num: 2
Employ Sex: Male
Level of Education: High-school educatio
Post Time: 2011-9-6 16:09:30
Active Time: Long  period
Employ Age: 30-60
Work Address: Jiangyin
Job Description:
1;physically and mentally healthy,good ideological quality
2,with strong expertise
3,a strong ability to accept new things and ability to analyze and solve problems
4;practically,aggressive,working hard,can withstand working pressure
5;agree with our company culture,and have innovation,and team spirt
Notes ;we provide living and eating
Job Pay: Negotiation