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Manganese sand filter


  Groundwater in addition to iron and manganese filter Our company has developed the integration of energy-efficient water treatment equipment.

1. An aeration part: without aeration pond and aeration tower does not require dosage pharmaceutical and catalyst, and only raise a small amount of air, lower operating costs.
2, the device main part of a strong oxidizing reaction separation Desander, the grouping suspension filter pool and process one device, the unique structure.
3, part of the filter: the filter with internal backwash device itself, do not need to configure the backwash pump and backwash the pool, you can reduce the project covers an area, reduce engineering investment.
4, pressure filter backwash, high strength, so that the filter layer to flush evenly and thoroughly without the formation of dead ends, recoil a short time, filter cycle is long, and extend filter life.
5, the device can be directly to the user water supply pipe network, without with clear water tank and two pumping stations, reducing equipment investment and to avoid secondary pollution.
  Groundwater in addition to iron and manganese filter is mainly applied in the high-speed rail high and fierce regional groundwater iron and manganese removal, industrial demineralized water, in addition to saline pretreatment. The device uses the aeration oxidation catalysis of manganese sand, adsorption, filtering in addition to iron in addition to manganese principle, the use of aerators oxygen in the air will water of Fe2 + and of Mn2 + oxidation into water-insoluble of Fe3 + and MnO2 was, in the combination of natural manganese sand catalysis, adsorption, filtration to remove iron and manganese ions in water. Iron and manganese oxidation reaction as follows:
Iron oxide: Air: 4Fe2 + +3 O2 +6 H2O = 4Fe (OH) 3 ↓
Manganese sand of MnO Mn2O7 + Fe2 + +2 O2 +6 H2O = 3MnO2 +4 Fe (OH) 3 ↓
Manganese oxide: Mn2 + + O2 = MnO2 was ↓
Manganese sand Mn2 + + MnO2 was · H2O = MnO2 was MnOH2O +2 H +
Technical function
1、Air-water mixing time :3-5min; filter filtration speed :10-14m / h; backwash strength :16-18L / m2.s; filter layer thickness :1.0-1 .2 m; inlet pressure ≥ 0.06Mpa; equipment pressure:0.06-1 .0 Mpa.
2、Scope of application: water Fe2 + ≤ 20mg / L of Mn2 + ≤ 10 mg / L, the effluent of Fe2 + ≤ 0.3mg / L and Mn2 + ≤ 0.1mg / L.