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Classification and characteristics of water sterilizers
2014-6-20 13:55:56

Operating Principle
First, place the circulation tank of self-cleaning sterilizer to the lower middle part of the water tank so as to guarantee the even circulation of the tank water. When the water level reaches the designed top limit, the electric control cabinet starts up the high-voltage power and the strongly-oxidized gas generated by the immersible pump flows through the pipeline to the aeration section to aerate-disinfect the water, and at the same time, the immersible pump sends the disinfected water back into the water tank to circulate the stagnant water. Thus water circulation continues until thorough disinfection is completed and the water quality is guaranteed. Before delivered off the factory, the time for this product has been set without resetting by the user.
Categorization of Products
1. Water-tank ozone self-cleaning disinfector
2. Water-tank micro-electrolysis self-cleaning disinfector
Working principle for the water-tank micro-electrolysis self-cleaning disinfector:
The water-tank self-cleaning disinfector starts up electro-chemical reaction to excite the chlorine ions dissolved into the water to generate the following oxidized substances: HCLO, CLO2, O3, O and Cl2, etc. The above oxidized matters will then be diffused and circulated so as to dispose the water tank, all the water inside and the water tank walls, damage the bacteria and alga microbiological cells and ultimately achieve the goal of disinfection and killing algae.
Working principle for the waterí¬tank ozone selfí¬cleaning disinfector:
It functions the way that the oxygen goes through the high-frequency electric field and becomes ozone to be mixed in time with the water and that the strong oxidizing effect of ozone can kill the bacteria in the water. The optimal density in which bacteria are killed can be regulated by changing the pressure of the incoming water, amount of ozone and current.
As the ORP of ozone in water is 2.07v, which is higher than 1 .36v of chloride, only when the ozone content is 1/1 0000 of the chloride, the bacteria-killing effect is 600-3000 times better than chloride and other disinfectants, and the bacteria can be killed within several seconds.
Applicable Range
The water-tank self-cleaning disinfector has been widely used in such water storage areas as high level cisterns, water storage tanks, living water tanks, clean water pool of sewage treatment works, fire water tanks, fountain springs, waterscape cistern, swimming pools and the water storage pools for such industries as aquatic products, aquaculture, oceanic world and food and beverage.
Installation diagram